“Who else wants an unfair advantage in their job interview?”

Welcome to NEXTgig™ — a highly confidential, client-approved, invitation-only (and totally free) recruiting research and coaching site for the candidates of EcommerceJobs.com and CMO Search / CMOjobs.com.

Leveraging more than a decade of recruiting experience within the Ad:Tech, Shop.org and IR-500 communities, Harry Joiner built NEXTgig™ to help his candidates understand the clear, unvarnished “backstory” behind each of his current searches. And he’s not shy about dishing out tons of proprietary company- and market research to help his candidates dominate in their job interview(s).

Historically, candidates who have immersed themselves in Harry’s extensive market and client research, competitive intelligence, and interview coaching have fared MUCH better in their candidacies than candidates who have chosen to “wing it.”

THE FINE PRINT: Candidates who are granted access to NEXTgig™ must agree to treat everything on the site in STRICT CONFIDENCE and to DESTROY all related intel on conclusion of their candidacies.

Your agreement will be confirmed in a separate email exchange with Harry — and depending on the individual job for which you have applied, you may be required by our client to sign an NDA.

To obtain access, register below and TEXT [“your name” + nextgig] to Harry Joiner at (404) 281-2025 so he can CALL YOU to vet your membership.

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